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Every Student at Saint Theresa

An Active Catholic Witness

  • Participates reverently at liturgies and prayer services

  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of the foundations of the faith, Church teachings and traditions

  • Exhibits gospel values by showing respect for God, self, others and all creation

  • Demonstrates a spirit of stewardship within church, school, and community

A Responsible Citizen

  • Accepts responsibility for his or her actions

  • Practices cooperation, courtesy, and respect

  • Demonstrates respect for self, others, and the environment

  • Expresses personal opinions in a respectful manner

An Active Learner

  • Demonstrates active listening skills

  • Practices self-discipline skills as developed through DWP

  • Shows proficiency in essential skills as defined in the diocesan and state standards

  • Demonstrates the ability to use a variety of tools for learning in an ethical and appropriate manner

  • Works cooperatively with others to reach a common goal

  • Participates in physical education and the fine arts

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