Athletic opportunities are offered in grades 5-8 through the Catholic Youth Athletic Association (CYAA), whose “main objectives…should be that of developing qualities of leadership, good sportsmanship, and promoting a Christian atmosphere in which students will grow in respect and concern for others…”

CYAA offers football, basketball, and baseball for boys and volleyball, softball, and basketball for girls.


A fee will be charged to participate in extracurricular sports programs. PE uniforms must be worn for all practices. Students, coaches, and parents must abide by Saint Theresa Catholic School policies.

Extracurricular Eligibility

Any student participating in any extracurricular activity must maintain a minimum grade of a “C” in all subjects with no failing grades. Students who have not met the above-stated requirement will be suspended from attending or participating in all club or team activities until they bring their grades back to a “C” average with no failing grades.

Students are expected to follow the school’s behavior code to participate in the school’s sports program and extracurricular activities. Satisfactory conduct must be maintained in all classes and at lunch/recess to participate in the school’s sports programs and extracurricular activities.

Upon receipt of a behavioral referral to the office, a student will be suspended from participation in the next scheduled activity (club activity and/or sporting event or practice.)

If a student receives three lunch detentions in one sports season, the athlete will be suspended for one game, including tournament play. A fourth detention warrants an after-school detention. The fifth detention will result in removal from the team.

If a student receives five (5) lunch detentions in one sports season, the athlete will be dismissed from the team.

Due to health and safety concerns, students must attend a full day of school the day of a sporting event to participate in the event or any other extracurricular activity. Students who are absent more than half a day may neither participate in nor attend a sports activity or extracurricular activity the day of the illness. Arrival at school after 11:00 a.m. constitutes a half-day absence.

Our school follows the CYAA regulations regarding minimum playing time for players; however, irregular attendance at practice may affect the amount of an individual’s playing time in games above and beyond the minimum playing time. Any student who is not participating but is attending an after-school sporting event, must be in the direct supervision of an adult. Unsupervised students at games or practices will be sent to Extended Care and parents will be charged accordingly.