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Little Flower

Early Childhood Center

Saint Theresa Little Flower Preschool has a professional staff that plans a meaningful, child-centered curriculum using the Diocese of Phoenix Preschool Curriculum Guide and the Arizona Early Learning Standards as resources.  
Daily activities are planned that encourage cognitive, social/emotional, spiritual, language/literacy, small muscle, and large muscle development.


  • To create an atmosphere of social justice, by encouraging reverence towards God and respect for the dignity of every person;

  • To build self-discipline and self-control;

  • To foster both independent and collaborative thinking;

  • To nurture creativity and appreciation of the arts;

  • To promote a positive approach towards learning; nurturing joyful, confident attitudes



  • Religion – discover and grow in their relationship with God through Christ centered activities that teach them to love Him, family and self through prayer, participation at Mass, stories and songs which begins to shape their Catholic identity

  • Language and Literacy – develop early reading, writing and verbal skills while enjoying classic stories and parables of Christ’s life through creative lessons and activities that enable the child to share their world with others   

  • Mathematics – develop cognitive skills through classification, comparison, positional relationships, quantities, sequencing, one-to-one correspondence, volume and time

  • Personal – Social Development – learn skills to help the child relate to his/her world through positive interactions with others and establish personal autonomy through developing self-care and cooperative play skills

  • Social Studies – experience a sense of belonging to a community of Catholic faith. Learn respect and care for self, all others and the world God has gifted us with.

  • Science – observe and examine the wonder of God’s creations through senses that are used to discover and experience, which promotes questions and exploration

  • Creative Art Experiences – develop fine motor skills through joyful, creative activities of self-expression with a variety of art materials including paper, fabric, paint, scissors, glue, clay, pencils, markers and crayons

  • Music – appreciate music through learning songs and prayer filled hymns by listening, singing, dancing and movement, rhythm skills and instruments

  • Physical Education – develop large motor skills through physical activities that promote health, wellness, and cooperation with others

*PS-PK Classrooms are peanut-free zones.

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