Is there a daily learning grid per day for each student?  With a learning objective per subject?

We don't do a physical learning grid per say, but teachers do state, post, and refer back to learning objectives for their class. The objective may be smaller and understood or mastered in a few days.  If the objective is larger and one that requires more time, then  lessons would be chucked into smaller objectives over a period of time to master understanding of the larger objective. Our standards are based on the Arizona Department of Education Academic Standards as well as the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools Curriculum Standards

Are the classes 4 full days worth of work and one half day a week?

Yes, our weekly schedule is 8am-3pm Monday-Thursday and Friday 8am-12:10pm (without lunch). This schedule allows us to maximize instructional time, student learning, and teacher preparation within the guidelines of the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools Office.

Are kids given school issued ipad or chromebooks to use at home?

We currently are utilizing iPads in kinder and 1st grade and Chromebooks in 2nd -8th. These typically stay at school however during these past few months of distance learning students were able to check these items out to ensure access at home. In moving forward next year this may become the norm and will be determined this summer as we receive direction for the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services. 

How does Saint Theresa support students with learning needs?

Please send us your child's 504 Plan or IEP. Our resource teacher, along with her team, will review it to ensure we have the means to provide an environment where your child will succeed. If we do, we will provide a custom Student Service Plan (SSP) with individualized instruction.

How much is tuition?

See our Tuition and Fees page by CLICKING HERE.

How do I apply?

In three easy steps! See our admissions page by CLICKING HERE.

Is there financial aid?

Yes! Through State Tuition Organizations (STO's). Learn more by CLICKING HERE.

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