St. Theresa Catholic School

Field Trips

First Grade

First Grade will be going to the Phoenix Zoo.  The students will be observing all the animals before choosing one to study for their animal reports.  They will be learning about the habitat, life cycle as well as any unusual characteristics of that animal.  Reports will be written and shared with the kindergartners as well as with the VIPs during Catholic Schools Week.  In February they will be going to the Mesa Arts Center where the students will be viewing a live performance of a favorite story, "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs."  They will compare and contrast the book version with the stage performance.  They will also be learning about audience etiquette as well. In March, the students will be going to the Audubon Center where the students will be visiting a reclaimed area in an urban area.  Water conservation will be discussed.  Native wildlife will be observed.  They will have a chance to use binoculars and to wade in the mud as they look for living things. 


Second Grade

Second grade will participate in 3 field trips:  The Musical Instrument Museum, Childsplay and the Halle Heart Center.  The Musical Instrument Museum will allow the children to explore the musical instruments and music of the world.  Childsplay curriculum covers moral dilemma, following directions, cooperation, listening, holidays, friendship, math/money, keeping secrets, journal writing, page to stage and 6 pillars of character. 


Third Grade

The third grade will be visitng the Hall of Flame in October as a follow up to our Fire Safety unit.  The Hall of Flame is a unique museum that houses fire fighting equipment from around the world.  It also contains equipment from the past and chronicles the history of the development of fire fighting equipment.  A tribute to 911 along with memorabilia from fire fighters around the world are on display.  They will be heading to the Arizona State Capitol Museum in February as a follow up to our Social Studies unit on government.  The Arizona State Capitol museum is rich in the history of our state government.  Through a wide range of exhibits, children will learn about some very interesting facts about our state.


Fourth Grade

Planning in Process


Fifth Grade

The 5th grade students participate in a day-long economic education field trip to Junior Achievement's BizTown.  Each student has a job for the day, earn a paycheck, pay taxes, etc.  Prior to the field trip and being a citizen of BizTown, 5th graders complete a 6 week curriculum.  Math, English, and Social Studies are key pieces to this curriculum.  After completing a job application and interview, students are assigned a job.  It is extremely rewarding day for the students while they are learning a great deal! 


Fifth/Sixth Grade

The 5th and 6th grade students participate in a ½ day Science/Social Studies educational field trip to Harkins IMAX theatre at Arizona Mills in Tempe.  Each year, the Science and Social Studies teachers choose a movie from a list given by the theatre and the topic is chosen according to something that is covered in either the 5th or 6th grade curriculum. The Science and Social Studies teacher will go over the material that will be presented in the movies with materials sent from Harkins theatres.  This year the field trip will take place sometime in the fall, date TBA. 


Seventh Grade

7th grade will be attending Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) from September 28-30.  While at CIMI, the 7th grade will participate in marine biology labs such as squid dissection, shark, plankton, oceanography, and algae labs.  They will snorkel in Toyon Bay twice, and participate in a night hike to an astronomy lecture.  The curriculum follows 6th and 7th grade life science, oceanography and environmental sciences.


Eighth Grade

8th Grade will go to Sky Y in Prescott, Arizona.  Students work on team building, cooperation and problem solving in the pines of Prescott, all ways to show the student learning expectation of being a Responsible Citizen.  They work together climbing the wall, hiking, and accomplishing tasks that can only be done if they work together.  This is a bonding experience for the class as they spend their last year together at STCS. They practice the values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility that are the goals of being an Active Catholic Witness at  Saint Theresa Catholic School and the Y based camp.

In February, the 8th grade classes begin work on a research project on a 20th Century American History Topic.  In literature class, they focus on collecting a variety of sources and learn to evaluate the reliability of  sources.  The work includes a field trip to the Burton Barr Library in downtown Phoenix, and students have a public library card upon graduation.  Once the papers are in progress, work begins in computer class on compiling a multi media  presentation for history class.  Each student makes a presentation to their peers on a different topic.  Their classmates listen, take notes on a time line  and ask questions.  This project and field trip give students an opportunity to showcase their skills as Active Learners and Effective Communicators and meet the Language Arts Common Core standards for reading, writing, listening and speaking.  



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