St. Theresa Catholic School

Safe Environment Training

It is mandatory that ALL adults at Saint Theresa Catholic School complete the Safe Environment Training (SET) annually if they are to be on campus, in the classroom, or participating in any school activities involving our students.  Adults are asked to access between July 1st and August 9th to complete the online mandatory training.  All required training MUST be completed before the school year begins.


Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix


SET Compliance Standards


Initially, the foundational requirementProtecting God's Children for Adults", is offered only in group sessions requiring in person attendance. For subssequent years, the SET requirement can be completed online which is referred to as SET Renewal. 


For parents requiring the foundational session, "Protecting God's Children for Adults" please follow these steps:

  1. Register for the "Protecting God's Children for Adults" class that is scheduled on the STCS campus. You will receive an email confirmation shortly after you complete the registration.  If the dates do not work for you, refer to #2
  2. Register for a "Protecting God's Children for Adults" class that is on a date/time and location convenient to you.  You will receive an email confirmation shortly after you complete the registration.
  3. Arrive on time with a pen or pencil to complete the Volunteer Application.  Please bring contact information for 3 references that will be requested on the application.
  4. Training is scheduled for 3 hours.  
  5. Once you have completed the class, the trainer will complete in the SET Database your compliance confirmation.  This can take a couple of days and you will be notified by email. Please remember to bring your "Volunteer Application and signed Code of Ethics documents to your home parish. 


For parents requiring an Annual Renewal, please follow these steps:

1.    Click on “Online Renewal” or “My Obligations”

2.    Enter your first and last name and street address only and click enter. If your address has changed you may need to input your old address first before you update it in the database. (Information is case and format sensitive)

3.    Now check for accuracy to the data and update your contact information, if necessary and click “Continue”

4.    Select an Online Renewal Class, preferably the present year’s renewal which will log you into the course directly.

5.    Please make certain you wait until the session states you have completed your annual renewal.  If you leave the session early you will not get credit for compliance.  An email notification should follow shortly thereafter from the SET Database Administrator confirming compliance.


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