St. Theresa Catholic School

Reporting Student's Progress

Standardized Testing

All grades 2-8 students, are given the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. In addition, students in grades 4 and 7 take the Cognitive Abilities Test. ITBS results are given to parents/guardians.  The ITBS is given each year in September to assess where a student is at in his/her learning, in comparison with other students in the school and across the country, who are at the same age. The Diocese of Phoenix administers this test in all of its elementary schools to enable teachers to understand
the individual learning of each child. This helps the teacher determine which skills students must be taught and which skills have been mastered. A general expectation is that every year, each child would grow in his/her knowledge by one year, in each area tested.

Results of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills - 2012

Results of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills - 2011


Report Cards

Report cards are issued electronically four times a year to those who are current with tuition payments and fees. Parent conferences are held with all parents who are current with tuition payments and fees at the end of the first quarter. Further conferences are held as needed. Parents who wish a conference at any time should send a note directly to the teacher(s) concerned or e-mail the teacher(s) to schedule a conference time. K-8 teachers will post grades online for parents to review.  Grades will be posted every two weeks.  Long term assignments or projects may take longer to post.Teachers at Saint Theresa do not give or award grades.  Each student earns the recorded grade.  Teachers however, will give of their time to help students be successful.The grading scales used at Saint Theresa Catholic School for grades K - 8 are:

          Grades 3-8                                                                       Grades K-2

94-100% A Excellent                                                                O Outstanding

85-93% B Above Average                                                        S Satisfactory

75-84% C Average                                                                    I Improving

65-74% D Below Average                                                        N Needs Improvement

Below 65% F Not Passing                                                        U Unsatisfactory

                                                                                                  BL Below Grade Level

                                                                                                  T Taught


Little Flower Preschool is graded on the following scale:

C Consistent

I Improving

B Beginning

S Satisfactory (Specials Only)


The religion grade reflects the knowledge and skills mastered by the student in this subject. Participation in prayers and Mass may affect the final religion grade. It is not a comment on the student’s personal spirituality.

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